Fresh Brown Shimeji Mushrooms In Punnet

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One box of Brown shimeji mushrooms contain 150g brown shimeji mushrooms.

The brown shimeji mushrroms also known as Crab-flavored mushrooms. It belongs to the subphylum Basidiomycetes , White Mushrooms, Yumushrooms, also known as Yumushrooms, Banyumushrooms, True Chimushrooms, Jiaoyu Mushrooms, Hongxi Mushrooms, etc. Large woody saprophytic fungi. In the natural environment, it generally grows in groups in autumn on dead or standing trees of broad-leaved trees such as beech [1].

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Crab-flavored mushroom is an excellent rare and delicious edible mushroom in the northern temperate zone. At present , Japan has the highest production of crab mushrooms in the world.


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Product Name Brown shimeji mushrooms
Brand FINC
style Fresh
Color Brown
Source Commercial Cultivated Indoor
Supply Time All year round supplied
Processing Type Cooling
Shelf Life 40-60 days between 1℃ to 7℃
Weight 150g/punnet
Place of Origin & Port Shenzhen, Shanghai
MOQ 1000 kg
Trade Term FOB, CIF, CFR
Fresh Brown Shimeji Mushrooms In Punnet  (1)
Fresh Brown Shimeji Mushrooms In Punnet  (2)

Shimeji Mushrooms Faqs


Its fruiting bodies are gregarious to clumps. The surface of the cap is nearly white to gray-brown, and there is often a dark marble pattern in the center. Gills nearly white, rounded with stipe , dense to slightly sparse. When the crab mushroom grows laterally, the stipe is partial, the spore print is nearly white, and it is broadly oval to nearly spherical.


It's a good idea to gently rinse them, but you don't need to be too vigorous.  Commercially cultivated shimeji mushrooms are generally kept very clean when growing. No fertilizer is added.


(1) Harvest in a timely and reasonable manner to maintain the storability of crab-flavored mushrooms (Zhenji mushrooms). The basic requirements for the harvest of shimeji mushrooms are timely, no injury, and no pests and diseases. If harvested too early, the fruit body is not fully developed, which will affect the flavor and yield. If harvested too late, the fruit body will age and deteriorate, losing its practical value. When harvesting, it is required to pick, handle and handle lightly to reduce mechanical damage as much as possible, and at the same time remove diseased mushrooms and insect mushrooms.
(2) Strict disinfection management to prevent infection by pathogenic bacteria. The pathogens that have been latent before harvesting are often harvested due to changes in environmental conditions, and the storability and disease resistance of the mushroom body are reduced, causing diseases to spread and fail to keep fresh. Therefore, before harvesting, workers should be good workers. , Disinfection of utensils and places to prevent infection by pathogenic bacteria.
(3) Reduce breathing intensity and delay the discoloration of shimeji mushrooms. During the storage process, the loss of nutrients and the discoloration of the mushroom body are the main reasons for the deterioration of the quality of crab-flavored mushrooms (Zhenji mushrooms). In order to reduce the respiration intensity, delay the discoloration process, reduce the loss of nutrients, and obtain good fresh-keeping quality.

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