About Us

Who We Are


Finc was first established in 2001 by the enthusiasts and experts for fungi , and it is also invested by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science. In China it is the first company that cultivates shimeji mushrooms in bottles to produce mushroom like a commercial product in factory. As the pioneer of Chinese White Shimeji and Brown Shimeji, Finc is committed to researching mushroom food, starting the field of edible mushroom cultivation in China. With the current production capability of 260 tons rare mushrooms per day, Finc is the largest rare mushroom grower in China. 

Through the years’ development and exploration, Finc now owns 4 large production bases in different cities of China. They are in Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Hebei, which support sea shipping service, train shipping service, lading shipping service, air shipping service and so on. Now the fifth factory Zhuhai Finc is under built, which will be finished around in 2023. Customers can freely and flexibly choose the shipping method according to their geography condition. Finc branded brown shimeji and white shimeji win a lot of compliments from domestic and overseas customers, because of its stable good quality and the great supports to its distributors. 


Our Advantages

What’s more, Finc has passed the ISO22000:2018 ISO9001:2015 quality system of food safety, obtaining the certificates of HAPPCP system, as well as the GLOBAL G.A.P system. With many years’ experience in exporting fresh shimeji mushrooms to European countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Finc branded mushrooms are warmly welcomed in the overseas market, enjoying a high reputation. We welcome mushroom distributors all over the world, aiming at serving the Finc mushrooms to the food table of the world people. 

Finc History


2001 Shanghai Finc was founded in Fengxian Modern Agricultural Park of Shanghai and Finc brand was registered.


2002 Finc launched China’s first box of brown shimeji and developed the Chinese brown shimeji market since then.


2005 Finc launched China’s first box of white shimeji and since then developed the White brown shimeji market.


2010 Finc built its second factory at Qingdao. Since this year, Finc achieved an overall daily production capacity of 70 tons.


2013 Finc obtained the patent of Hypsizygus Marmoreus (scientific name of shimeji mushrooms) strain developed independently in China.


2016 Finc built its third factory at Qinhuangdao. Since then, Finc could produce 120 tons of shimeji mushrooms per day.


2018 Finc built its forth factory in Chengdu. With this factory, Finc now has become the world’s largest shimeji manufacturer with daily production capacity of 260 tons!


2021 Finc is building its fifth factory in Zhuhai, accomplishing its sales strategy in China.


2022 Finc is making plan for building its first overseas factory in the United States. To be continued.