Wiled Fresh Black Truffle From China Ethnic Area

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Among them, androsterone has significant effects of helping Yang and regulating endocrine; Sphingolipids have obvious activities in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and antitumor cytotoxicity; Polysaccharides, polypeptides and triterpenes have the functions of enhancing immunity, anti-aging and anti fatigue. They can be used for health care.

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Certification And Patents

✔ Global G.A.P


✔ ISO22000:2018

✔ 57 Effective Authorized Patents

✔ 27 Validity Authorized Invention Patents

✔ 18 Patents for the Invention of Edible Fungi Production Device Tools

✔ 13 Patents for Effective Authorized Invention of New Edible Fungi Strains

✔ 8 Patents for Cultivation Methods of Edible Fungi

✔ 4 Patents for Identification and Invention of Edible Fungi

✔ 1 Patent of Edible Fungus Production Technology Invention

Product Specification

Product Type Fresh Black Truffle
Scientific Latin Name Tuber melanosporum
Specification 1-2cm, 2-3cm, 3-5cm, 5cm+
Style Fresh
Color Black
Source Naturally Cultivated
Part Whole
Processing Type Raw
Weight (kg) 2kg/box, 12boxes/carton; or as customers' requirements.
Certification HACCP ISO GAP
Black Truffle
Black Truffle (3)
Black Truffle (1)

Products And Production

● Usually we needs one week to prepare for the order to have enough time to guarantee the quality of our products. If customers need order urgently, we can also shorten the production time to 3-4 days around.

● We have production capacity at 260 tons of mushrooms per day.

● We have 5 large production factories in Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Chengdu, Zhuhai.

● Our Main Products are shimeji mushrooms also called beech mushrooms.


Brown Beech Mushrooms

White Beech Mushrooms

Unit Package





Outer Package

3kgs/ctn for European Market

3kgs/ctn for European Market

6kgs/ctn for Southeast Asian Market and European Market

6kgs/ctn for Southeast Asian Market and European Market

Who We Are

Finc was first established in 2001 by the enthusiasts and experts for fungi , and it is also invested by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science. In China it is the first company that cultivates shimeji mushrooms in bottles to produce mushroom like a commercial product in factory. As the pioneer of Chinese White Shimeji and Brown Shimeji, Finc is committed to researching mushroom food, starting the field of edible mushroom cultivation in China. With the current production capability of 260 tons rare mushrooms per day, Finc is the largest rare mushroom grower in China. 

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