Why Does The Brown Shimeji Mushroom Taste Bitter ?


When you bought a bag of brown shimeji in the supermarket, cooked it with great care. However you found that it tasted a little bitter and then you questioned, “Did I buy the bad mushrooms over expiry date? Why does it taste a little bitter?” 

As a fatter of fact, like some people are crazy about ice American style Coffee while some people only love sweet food, a small group of people will feel that the brown shimeji mushrooms taste a little bitter in mouth.

Mushroom is composed of protein, which is composed of four kinds of flavor amino acids. They are fresh flavor amino acids, sweet flavor amino acids, bitter flavor amino acids, fragrant flavor amino acids. The brown shimeji mushrooms are also called crab flavor mushrooms, brown beech mushrooms, are rich in amino acids. So the fresh amino acids, sweet amino acids, bitter amino acids, fragrant amino acids all take up a certain proportion. However the bitter amino acids accounts for a relatively higher proportion. In this way, People who are sensitive to taste will feel the bitterness.

Portion of the four falovor amino acids

Amino Acids Type

Amino Acids Name


mg /g DW

Portion (% TAA)

fresh flavor amino acids

ASP, Glu



sweet flavor amino acids

Gly, Ala, Thr, Ser, Pro



bitter flavor amino acids

His, Arg, Leu, Ile, Met, Phe, Val, Trp



fragrant flavor amino acids

Phe, Tyr



Even though bitterness is not a good flavor for most people, but with sweetness, freshness inside the brown bunashimeji mushrooms, it becomes a special flavor. The higher the content of protein converts into amino acids, the more fragrant fresh game will appear in the taste of amino acids. And it will taste fresher when cooked to dinner. In theory, the bitterness amino acids cannot be removed, but you can add more gourmet powder to make it taste fresher and delicious to cover the bitterness. 

Post time: Feb-28-2022