The Shimeji Mushrooms Growing in Bottles

When you are shopping in a market, don’t be surprised to see the fresh shimeji mushrooms from China. Having people on the other side of the earth to see China exotic mushrooms is already the routine operation by Finc mushrooms company. These little mushrooms take the vessel to across the pacific ocean and then arrive on your dinner plate. Then how these mushrooms are grown to stand such long travel but still stay fresh? Let’s see following introduction to know about this magical growing process.


(Finc mushrooms in Israel supermarket)

The moment you enter the automatic production workshop for shimeji mushrooms, you will smell the strong taste of fresh mushrooms. Since 2001, Finc Group has been growing shimeji mushrooms. Finc is the first company to cultivate shimeji mushrooms in bottles in China. It started the times of soiless mushroom cultivation. It was founded by the enthusiasts and experts for fungi, and also invested by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science. They use well selected species and Raw material , Propagate the mother species, own excellent Production Line. 


The raw materials used for cultivate shimeji mushrooms are agricultural production recycling waste like corncob, sawdust, wheat bran, bean stalk etc. They are from the nature with strict inspection. After bottling, the raw cultivation materials will be sterilized through very high temperature in the autoclave. After this, then the mushrooms seeds are inoculated into the sterilized bottles. The environment requirements are very strict for inoculation, even stricter than the hospital operation room. The room will be cleaned and disinfected many times every day to guarantee the safety. And then the bottles with mushroom seeds will be transferred into the cultivation room. After fungi scratching, planting, the mushrooms will little by little. After 90 days around, then the factory can have the big harvest.



The shimeji mushrooms are harvested as a whole, not one stem separated. The whole mushrooms on one bottle will be cut and then put in the the punnet. In this way, shimeji are still alive and may even grow through the transportation. Even after long transportation, crossing the pacific ocean, the mushrooms can still stay fresh. So far the Finc mushrooms are regularly exported to The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam etc. The annual exporting sales amount is over 24 million dollars. Along with construction of their new factories, the yield and sales amount will be increased soon.


Post time: Jun-03-2019