Scrambled White shimeji and cherry tomato

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Ingredient list

Cherry tomato, Finc white shimeji, green Chinese onion, ginger, cilantro


Salt, ketchup

Cooking Steps

1.Cut the root of Finc white shimeji. Wash the cherry tomato and shimeji.

2.Blanch Finc white shimeji in boiled water 2 minutes.

3.Pour oil into the hot pot, put the onion and ginger until fragrant with soft fire. Then add
suitable ketchup and fry for 10 seconds

4.Add the tomato and fry for 1 minute, then put the Finc white shimeji and salt.

5.Dot on the coriander.

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This is an all-match cuisine. You can put it as a spaghetti topping.

If more water, borsch!

Also, a good choice for breakfast sandwich.

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