From Chengdu Finc to Europe——China-Europe Hailway Expresss

Chinese rare edible fungi take the "China-Europe Railway Express" from Chengdu Finc to the Europe market! Finc fresh mushrooms are splendid Chinese mushrooms that popular in 57 countries. We are constantly expanding the international market. Under the influence of the epidemic in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and other countries, consumers around the world are more concerned about safe, healthy, high-quality and nutritious food. Finc mushrooms meet this demand. Chengdu Finc Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, as the largest edible mushroom enterprise in the world in terms of monomer scale and output, achieves a daily output of 100 tons of shimeji mushrooms. Finc is committed to developing smart agriculture, assisting the revitalization of rural economy, and fully promoting the upgrading of Chinese edible mushroom industry and consumption!

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In Finc, there are first-class automated production lines in the industry.

And automatic equipment for bottling, inoculating, culturing and scratching, and fruiting

All are independently developed and manufactured by Sanke, and have 13 patents

Intelligent environmental control meets the requirements of the edible fungus production process requirements for temperature, humidity, light, co, concentration and ensure the original ecological process.

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The China-Europe Railway Express sets off on 27th October., with a full container of our brown shimeji and white shimeji. China- Europe Railway Express greatly shorten the shipping time. It takes 15-20 days from Chengdu Finc to Europe under reasonable freight. In the future we will promote more business with our customers through China- Europe Railway Express. So that we can offer fresher shimeji mushrooms.

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