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The Hatake is also called lyophyllum decaster, rich of dietary fiber. In the publication New Specialty Lotus Leaf Pleated Umbrella Cultivation, Simple Facility

certain effect on improving constipation, Japanese cancer studies have shown that the hot water extract of the lotus leaf pleated umbrella can inhibit the number of cancer cells in cancer-bearing animals and has anti-tumor function.

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Product Type Mushrooms
Scientific Name lyophyllum decaster
Flavor fragrant, crisp and tender
Style Fresh
Color White
Source commercially Cultivated
Part Whole
Processing Type Raw
Weight (kg) 0.125,0.15,0.2
Certification HACCP,ISO9001;22000,GAP

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Hatake Mushrooms

Our Advantages

● Fresh Mushrooms: Fresh Hypsizygus marmoreus, Fresh Enoki Mushrooms, Fresh King Oyster Mushrooms/Pleurotus eryngii, Fresh Haixian Mushrooms, Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms.

● Dried Mushrooms: Dried Morel Mushrooms, Dried Oyster Mushrooms, Dried Line’s Mane, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, etc.

● Our fresh Shimeji mushrooms are with longest shelf life among the edible fungi. We guarantee customers with 45 days of warranty time for bunashimeji mushrooms. Actually these products can stay fresh for over 55 days.

● Other fresh mushrooms can stay fresh over 20-30 days.

● Dried mushrooms can stay good for 2 years.

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Our Advantages

✔ We accept L/C, T/T payment term: For new customers, we need full payment before shipment. After we have stable cooperation, we would give customer much better payment term. For payment details, we need to negotiate.

✔ Our mushrooms are sold in supermarket, trading marketplace, restaurants, schools, hotels etc.

✔ Our customers are over 20 years buyers, and we have very good and stable cooperation. They do very well business in their sales region, and they also introduce customers out of their district, to us. Our brand Finc is famous in this industry, so many customers will find us actively, applying from us to be our distributors.

✔ Our brand FINC, Freshmore, are very famous in China market and overseas market.

✔ We have many successful experience in exporting mushrooms to The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, U.A.E, USA, Canada, etc.

✔ Our fresh mushrooms have very long time shelf life, able to long time shipping over 50 days. The mushrooms are of very good quality, and they look fresh, beautiful, delicious.


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